Aeronautrixx sponspored events

  1. Unicorn Boogie
    Save the date for the 4th Annual SIS Unicorn Boogie at Skydive California happening October 12-13, 2019!
    12-13 October 2019
  2. Mermaid Boogie
    Save the date for for the 2019 SISters by the Sea Mermaid Boogie at Skydive Sebastian! This promises to be as good, if not better, than the boogie that just concluded. We're going to stick with the last weekend in April in the hopes that the sky and weather gods will smile upon us once again.
    27-28 April 2019
  3. News Events 3
    Aeronautrixx is hosting a ladies belly skills day at Skydive Sebastian. We invite ladies of all skill levels to come participate. This is a pay it forward event, which means there will be NO COST to attend. You can choose to participate in a WSLN skills camp or go with a little less structure and get organized by ladies that will provide guidance and feedback. If your primary discipline is not formation skydiving, but you'd like to refine your belly skills, come join us and we'll help you attain your goals! The Women's Skydiving Leadership Network - Public skills camp will be led by Suzette Hechst. The camp will focus on building and refining skills and techniques for successful small formation skydives. While the topics are geared toward jumpers with 50-300 skydives, anyone is welcome to attend. This skills camp is FREE (just cover your slots).
    24 JUN