What we hope to achieve...

From the Aeronautrixx bylaws:

The primary objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be:
  1. to provide the use of safe, maintained skydiving gear to female skydivers;
  2. to provide education in skydiving techniques, safety, gear maintenance, etc.;
  3. to sponsor special events involving female skydivers;
  4. to provide scholarships to female skydivers to attend skydiving leadership courses, canopy flight courses, general skydiving skills courses, etc.
  5. to increase the number of female role models in the sport by promoting female skydivers in a positive light;
  6. to directly engage in, and to provide resources for others to engage in, the promotion of retaining skydiving females in the sport, generally.
Simply put, we hope to create a channel that allows our community to pay it sky-forward. With our 501(c)(3) status we've provided a place where airworthy gear (helmets, altimeters, jumpsuits, canopies, containers, AADs, etc.) can be donated to our organization for a tax deduction. We are developing a program that will provide the donated gear for use to women. This may be on a short-term basis while working on obtaining you're A license, waiting on a new gear order, while saving for your first rig purchase, etc. We will also feature educational videos, articles and interviews with an Aeronautrixx or few.
Skydiving is a male dominated sport and we'd like to change that. No offense boys, but we'd like to see more women in the sport and we hope that you do too!  ​